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Maximize Your Genius

The Ultimate Fillable Multi-Use Planner for Administrative Professionals of C-Suite Executives

Ditch all of your notebooks. Maximize your time. Feel strategized and intentional.

Don’t settle for ordinary. Elevate your organizational genius with our Fillable 4-in-1 Planner designed exclusively for Administrative Professionals supporting C-Suite Executives like you.

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Welcome to The AO Planner, dedicated to Administrative Professionals of C-Suite Executives, it’s the perfect tool designed with their organizational genius in mind. Get ready to revolutionize the way you manage your life both personally and professionally with The AO Planner’s fillable, multi-use planner concept

The Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

High-Level View of Major Events


High-Level View of Major Events
Optimize 7 Days of Scheduling

Week-At-A-Glance + Daily Scheduler + Priorities

Optimize 7 Days of Scheduling
Write Takeaways and Action Items

Meeting Notes

Write Takeaways and Action Items
Capture Your Moments of Brilliance

Brainstorm Space

Capture Your Moments of Brilliance
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Stay Ahead of the Game

Staying 10 steps ahead of everyone is what you do daily. The Month-At-A-Glance Section gives you a clear, concise view of your entire month. Effortlessly record and track major events and deadlines with ease.

Plan With Intention

Make it a great day by setting yourself up for success in the Week-At-A-Glance + Daily Scheduler Sections. With the “Top 3” priorities list and appointment schedule in 30-minute increments, you will guarantee the best use of your most valuable commodity – time.

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Capture Your Genius

Ideas and creativity can strike at any moment. In the Meeting Notes and Brainstorm Sections, you have ample space to capture all your meeting summaries, planning sessions and brilliant ideas. Be ready to make the most of your genius.

Professional and Portable

The AO Planner is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. Each section is separated by tabs for quick access. Maintain your professional edge with sleek, functional style.

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Shop Now

Individual Planner

Individual Planner

$55 USD

Here’s What Our Satisfied Customers Say

“Overall, I love the fact that it has so much space to write as much as you need… I used the Brainstorm Space to write down things coming to mind that I need to buy for my new home.”

Jessica R.

“This planner was not what I
expected… It kept my day very clear and helped me stay on top of things – whether it was work, professional association responsibilities, or personal.”

Erica R.

“I am the office manager and only administrative personnel in my department, a part-time student, wife, and mom of two…  I did not miss one appointment using The AO Planner! It is a must have for busy admins. You will not be disappointed!!!”

Bobbi B.
Alisha Overton

How It All Started

Hi, I’m Alisha Overton, Founder and CEO of The AO Planner Company. As an Administrative Professional supporting C-Suite Executives for over two decades, planners have always been the hub for my life at work and beyond. The AO Planner started out as a solution to a personal challenge. I was losing valuable time and money on planners, notebooks and applications that lacked the organizational elements I needed. Constantly frustrated, I knew there had to be a better way.

So I came up with a simple, streamlined way to put my schedule, planning and brainstorm sessions in one place. Then I realized I had a unique opportunity to create this solution for a whole community of Administrative Professionals like me. To have a tool that truly supports all our various roles meant our organizational genius centralized and time maximized. With that, The AO Planner was born.

I’m excited for you to come on this exciting journey with The AO Planner Company. Great things are in store for The AO Planner!

Don’t settle for ordinary.

Elevate your organizational genius with our fillable, multi-use planner designed for C-Suite Administrative Professionals like you. Experience the satisfaction and freedom from an effortlessly organized life in The AO Planner.

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